There are so many incredibly awesome websites on the internet right now and FMyLife is clearly up there. Here’s a brief introduction to how FML originated. First, it stands for “F*ck my life” which is often used by melodramatic teenagers who believe they have the worst life ever. It is used often so it’s quite clear that people who say this use this term in a highly exaggerated manner. Superbad, the movie by Judd Apataw back in 2007 is what popularized this phrase. Now that it’s universally known, it is just clever that a website was created in devotion to it’s use. The popular website gets at least 1.7 million hits everyday! Yes, that much people enjoy reading other people’s misfortunes. It somehow makes people believe they’re still doing pretty well compared to others! Here are some examples of what you’ll likely read on the site:

“”Today, the guy I like and his friend came home with me to work on a project. I opened my front door and my mum was at the top of the stairs completely naked, bent over, drying her hair with the hairdryer. It took a few moments for her to realise we were there. FML”

“Today, I got my very first yeast infection. Thinking she would help me, I went to my mom. Instead she began yelling about how I’m lying and it’s an STD and I don’t believe in the power of Jesus. FML”