There are a growing number of internet addicts in the world. Majority of these addicts are young children – teenagers. In South Korea, studies show that at least 680,000 children ages 10-19 are addicted to the internet. Two-thirds of this number own a smart phone and can access the internet anywhere they go. The South Korean government has now addressed this important issue and is now encouraging these children to undergo a horse-riding therapy. The harsh truth is, a person addicted to the internet (or addicted to anything, for that matter) will eventually have behavioural disorder. The time spent in front of the computer is also the time spent not interacting with another human being and it is essential for children at that age to be able to interact with people to develop communication skills. The Government has also now enforced the “Shutdown Law” which blocks online gamers from playing anything between midnight to 6 in the morning. This has limited success but more actions would be done in the future.